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Chow hound!

Chow Hound!

The Green Bean diet, the Grain Free Diet (High protein Low carb diet)….For your dog! So with all of these diets, and then some, how does one choose which is just right for their pooch? Not only are there various choices to make in regards to nourishing your pup, there are also several types of exercise, at numerous levels.  Making simple decisions such as these may seem overwhelming, but when you think about the type of goal desired for your pet, it may ease your mind.

First things first: the diet. For those pups on the heavy side, the green bean diet seems to be a popular choice. According to, ten Percent of green bean canned food is replaced in your pet’s normal meal of either wet or dry food. Every two to three days, another ten percent of green beans are replaced until they’re eating 50% of the green beans, and fifty percent of their usual regime.  When your furry friend has reached the healthy and desired goal, they’re free to be weaned down to their usual favorites.

The Grain Free Diet is supposed to be beneficial to dogs with an allergy to grain.  Pesticides on the grain, while growing, seem to be the main concern and the possible reason behind the allergy, says The carb.  count is believed to be lower than most meals and great for digestion and skin issues.  According to, this specific diet has been controversial, as there has to be a perfect formula created providing the nutrients needed in a balanced diet so there is no nutritional deficiency.

What about the classic wet or dry food idea? With no health problems, and if suggested by your veterinarian, then why not? He or she, along with the information on the food product (normally) will suggest how much you should be allotting. If your dog’s stomach doesn’t agree with the food, you’ll see some unwanted accidents. Also, when offering treats, have limitations, as they can play a part of weight gain. Portion and moderation is key.

The second half to a healthy pet? Exercise.

We all know the benefits of exercising when it comes to humans-whether we have a weight loss goal, aspire to tone up and gain muscle, or simply maintain our health. We have different tools and workouts to help us achieve those goals, and based on our strength, weight, endurance, etc., some are able to do more, while others are able to do less. Did you know that exercise not only helps to maintain a dog’s health, but also benefits in other ways such as: reducing certain behavior problems (digging, scratching, and destructive chewing), building confidence, and helping with restless sleep? Who doesn’t feel great after a good workout?  A number one fact: Walking is great for any dog! Larger dogs will need to be walked more than shorter ones, but with any breed you’re good to grab a leash and go! Props are a great way to add to doggie exercise. Just as we have balance domes and exercise balls, dogs are able to use similar types of equipment (fit for them, of course). There are several items that can be found at which include: The FitPAWS Donut, The FitPAWS Balancing Disc, and the FitPAWS Paw Pod. Can we say Core Workouts?  Swimming is also a great way to exercise with your barking friend, especially for those that naturally love to swim, such as: Newfoundlands, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Irish Setters, English Setters, Golden Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Portuguese Water Hounds, Labs, and Spanish Water Dogs. Don’t get discouraged if your dog is not on that list-they can be taught. It’s recommended to introduce water and the idea of swimming while they are still pups.

Whether you try something new or something classic, make sure you always always always check with your veterinarian, as they will help guide you in a helpful direction.

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