Note to self:If bitten by venomous snake while computing at home, don’t phone a friend

Oh my gosh! This story was so tragic and such a “freak accident”.  Error on the side of caution when bitten by snakes!

From the Daily Mail:

A Western Brown Snake (file) Photo:

A man has died after being bitten on the toe by a snake while beavering away on his computer at home.

The Western Brown snake, one of the most dangerous reptiles on earth, slithered through the sliding doors of Michael Thorpe’s house in the small town of Gingin in Western Australia.

The 43-year-old courier driver didn’t notice the highly venomous creature silp under his desk and bite him on his bare foot.

Michael Thorpe of Gingin died from a snake bite on his toe. He leaves behind his long term partner Tanya and six-year-old daughter Jana

Feeling a sharp prick, he looked down and saw the snake slithering away – but instead of immediately calling emergency services, he telephoned a friend for help.

It was a fatal mistake.

It was several minutes before the friend arrived at the house, 50 miles north of Perth, and when he saw the snake, now back in the doorway, he thought at first it was a less venomous tiger snake.

Even so, an ambulance was called but by then the poison was spreading through Mr Thorpe’s system and he died in hospital later that evening.

His death, the first fatality from a snakebite in Western Australia in the past year, has prompted police and snake experts to warn that the heat of summer – which has just started Down Under – can drive snakes to seek shade in areas where they might come into contact with people.

If you are bitten by a snake, call emergency workers immediately. Mr Thorpe’s delay getting medical help may have caused his death

Reptile expert Mr Klaas Galkhorst, said anyone bitten by any kind of snake should get to hospital as quickly as possible.


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