Nice out? We need your opinion on pets in cars.

Dogs in a car with rolled up windows

Dogs in a car with rolled up windows

A reader sent us the email below.  If you have listened to some of our radio shows, you may know how we feel about this topic, but we wanted your opinion.  What would you have done if you were faced with the following situation:
I live in Chicago, where the temperature is currently  70  and sunny. Today, while driving to school, I noticed that although it felt nice and cool outside, inside my car it was uncomfortably hot. Then when I arrived at school, I was walking through the parking lot and heard barking. I saw a car, with all of the windows rolled up, and a small dog inside!
I thought that, if it were outside a grocery store or something, I might not be worried, because someone might be running a quick errand it wasn’t the dead of summer or anything. But at my school classes can go anywhere from two hours to five hours. I have heard that even on mildly sunny days, the temperature in a car can get dangerously hot for a pet, because there is no circulation and the windows sort of create a greenhouse effect in there. I went inside to my class and asked my botany teacher what she thought, and she said she thought it would be okay. I went outside and left a note on the car anyway. I don’t know… on one hand, just THE NOTE might have been an overreaction for a 70 degree day. On the other hand, maybe I should have done something even more drastic, like gotten security to find the owner of the car. What do you think?
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