Moving With Your Dogs: Three Tips to Make a Move Easier on Your Pets

Moving with pets can be challenging

Moving with pets can be challenging

Moving is hard enough as it is between vacating your old home or apartment, finding a new place to live, packing up all of your belongings, figuring out the easiest and most cost effective way to get everything transported to your new abode, and then finally unpacking, it’s no secret that moving is quite a handful. Factor in pets and the situation becomes even more stressful. Here are three tips to help make moving with your dog or cat a less daunting endeavor.

1. Purchase (Or Rent) Property Your Pet Will Love

Regardless of the reason for your move, be sure to keep your pet in mind as you shop for a new home. If at all possible, look for a property that has a yard so your dog or outdoor cat can frolic and have fun. Pets need plenty of exercise, but sometimes you’re going to be a bit too busy to take your dog for a walk – especially right after a move when you’re trying to get settled into your new home. A yard (or nearby park) is an excellent asset for pet owners.

2. Plan Ahead

As soon as you know there is a move in your future, start planning for your pets. Your adorable little buddies are too special to be an afterthought in the moving process. Even with so much going on, don’t just wing it when it comes to your beloved animals make planning for a smooth transition a priority.

Whether you’re driving or flying to your new home, purchase a safe and durable travel crate to ensure your cat or dog has a safe and comfortable trip. Also be sure to pack all of your pet supplies in a clearly marked box so you can find them quickly at the new home.  It’s also a good idea to order a new ID tag for your pet’s collar with your new address and/or phone number.  Do this ahead of time so it’s one less thing you have to worry about after the move.

3. Be Patient and Understanding With Your Pet

A move isn’t just a big change for humans – animals can feel stressed out about moving, too. As soon as you arrive at your new house or apartment, unpack that box of pet supplies you packed so your pet has some familiar belongings (like a bed, blankets, and toys) in what will be an otherwise unfamiliar land. Allow your pet time to acclimate, and try to re-establish your typical routine. Be patient with your pets if they seem a bit out of their element; with a little bit of love and support, your pet will be back to his or her old self in no time!

Amy Burkert runs the award-winning pet travel website,, which makes it easy to plan a trip with your entire family. Her blog, Take Paws, is an encyclopedia of pet travel tips, pet friendly destination advice, and stories of the adventures she and her husband share as they travel full-time in their Winnebago with their dogs, Ty and Buster.

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