Microwavable Dog Treat Product Review: Crunch Woofs dog treats and product give away

Crunch Woof Dog Treats

So many of us love to give our pets a little special treat now and then.  We would love to cook for our pets everyday, but that just isn’t practical with our schedules.  So, combining the two, “cooking and special”, needs to have a sprinkle of fast on it or it just isn’t happening.

Enter Crunch Woofs! It is a microwavable dog treat…therefore it totally qualifies for “homemade” in our book.    Here is info from their website:

Crunch WoofsTM are The Microwave dog treat! They are crunchy awesome! Created by pet parents for the pampered pup, Crunch WoofsTM are low in fat and high in real flavor. Your pup will LOVE them! Watch as they transform and grow into crunchy, crispy, treats right before your eyes!


Cook before feeding.

Place one or two Crunch WoofsTM on a paper towel or microwave-safe plate. Microwave on high for 60-90 seconds, (depending on microwave strength).  Let cool for 30 seconds or until cool to the touch.

Note:  Be sure to allow Crunch WoofsTM to cool completely before feeding

Recommendation for feeding:

As with any treat, always supervise your pet when feeding and have plenty of fresh water available.


*Microwave ovens vary in power. For best results, start with lowest suggested cook time.

*When additional cooking time is required, do not let Crunch Woofs cool in-between cooking intervals

*Hard edges on Crunch Woofs are an indication that the product is not fully cooked.

*Some smaller pieces may not puff, this is normal.

The girls have been sniffing the box since the minute it entered the house.  Chachala actually sat next to the box and cried before she tasted one.  How do they know dog treats are contained within? What kind of doggy magic do these treats embody?  Let’s find the answers…

Obviously, the girls loved them.  We did find that placing the Crunch Woofs on an elevated surface, such as an inverted microwave safe pie plate, helped our cooking process.  But that’s our microwave…yours may be different.  These treats do get hot so be careful when removing them from the microwave.

Let’s go to the Paw Rating:

Chachala: Oh, these are a definite 4 paws up Crunch Woof-tacular curly tail waggin’ instant favorite.

Philomena: More, more, more, more!!!!!!!  Did I mention, MORE!  I am jumping for joy. Crunch Woof gets a 4 paws up nubby tail wag and jump, jump jump for more, more, more!

Now here is the cool part! The giveaway!  Woot!  We will send you a 6 pack of Crunch Woofs.  Approximate retail value, $40.00.

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    these look really yummy!!! My boys would love them!

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