Melody’s “Race For The Critters”

We meet lot’s of pet peeps doing great things for animals.   Melody Lea Lamb, artist,  is one of those great people.  She was twittering one day about running and a race.  This is what she told us she was up to:

Melody’s “Race For The Critters”

Many years ago I was an avid runner, finishing a marathon and many 10 kilometer races, but that was thirty years ago! Since then I’ve kept up with my running off and on while raising two wonderful kiddos who are now incredible teenagers. In March, when I was out on my morning run, (with my trusty canine jogging partner), I had a brainstorm: I would run a 10-kilometer race and have people sponsor me to raise money for the critters! It would be such a pleasure to train, build up the miles and endurance knowing that it would benefit animals in need. Well…I never dreamed what a resounding success this challenge would become! With donations coming mostly from online via Twitter and Facebook, I’ve raised $1125 for animal charity!! I am so overjoyed, proud, and inspired by the outpouring of generosity from my online friends.

Here is the link to my race page where you can watch my progress and see all the photographs of the upcoming race:


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