May Means More Play!

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd!

Sorry, we just have that Bugs Bunny Cartoon in our heads where Bug’s is singing, “In the Merry, Merry Month of May!”  And of course the fact that April showers bring May flowers plus the fact that the days are getting longer all equal one astounding grand culmination of happiness that we have waited for.  That would be summer.

May is such a beautiful time of year, though if you can make it through the thick tufts of pollen on everything…window sills, cars and outdoor furniture, you will be AOK.  The dogs are happy to get out in the fresh air.  They want to scootie butt all over the place and run around with their tails wagging and their tongues out. It’s time to play!

So grab your dog’s favorite toy, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the flowers that are blooming.  The rebirth of the earth really makes us feel like anything is possible.  The world is alive with possibilities.  Your destiny awaits you and your pet.  Have a great day!

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