Love Genies, Oh, No She Didn’t-Be the Eagle

On Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 93 we talked about “seeing red”.  Being angry and not living up to your fullest potential.  This is a synopsis of what we discussed.  To listen to the full commentary, check out show 93.

Oh, No She Didn’t

Is your fur up on your back?  Did someone steal your hidden cookie?  Are you fed up with the world?  Did someone piss in your grapefruit? (OK, that’s Joe’s saying in case you didn’t know.)

Well hell, stuff happens.  We all know that it does.  It’s easy to see the color red, but it is hard to be read as a person.  Animals make it easy to read their emotions.  They arch their backs, hiss, bark, pin their ears back and BAM! You should have seen it coming right?

As an aside, the only people that never seem to see an attack coming are those reporters on TV that are doing a story with a cat in their lap and the are unaware that the cat doesn’t want to be pet.  But, these acts make for good TV, or at least outtakes and You Tube video.

Sometimes people do things that are so outrageous and egregious that we can’t help but arch our backs and hiss, or raise our legs and …well, you know.

Look, we are human, but we need to learn to not let the little things ruin our day.  Count to ten, take a walk, take a deep breath.  In the big scheme of things, haters gonna hate, you know?  So let them hate.  Let them sit in their own negativity.

Soar baby, soar!

Soar baby, soar!

Be the eagle.  Soar.  Lift your spirit above all of the negative and turn whatever happened into a positive.  Your positive relationships and positive people around you will help you overcome.  Don’t let these things hold you back from your world of infinite possibilities.

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