Love Genies, A Rant about HBO’s, “Girls”

Wine is good.  Whine is bad.

The cast of HBO's Girls (Photo:

The cast of HBO’s Girls (Photo:

Do you ever feel like people just bitch and moan all day long?  I was watching an episode of HBO’s “Girls”, Season 3 preview and found the usually quirky, enjoyable dialog just got under my skin like nails on a chalkboard.  Whiney, miserable, generation “Poor Me” better wise up in real life and on TV.

Us Baby Boomer and Gen Xers don’t ask for much.  Just do what you said you were going to do when you  said you were going to do it.  Stop making excuses for why you can’t get to work on time and realize not everyone gets a ribbon or a trophy in real life.  No one cares about your drama.

Yes, your boss is not your friend and he or she will ask you to complete tasks in a timely manner.  Just do it.  They are not being mean.  That’s what you get paid for.

The sooner you realize the world owes you nothing, everything is earned and the workplace is not fair, the better off you will be. Relationships are earned.  Respect is earned.

Seriously, I hate to sound like Debbie Downer, but the amount of time that is wasted by being, “All up in someone’s grill” could be better spent in quiet reflection, learning a trade, enjoying nature or a myriad of other things.  What is lacking in many young people today is focus and intent.  Knee jerk reactions with no end goal will leave so many young people wondering why they don’t have money to retire.

Gosh, I real hope this show is not a reflection of so many younger people today.  I read that the show’s producer, writer, director and star, Lena Dunham bases the show on much of her own experience.

Have hope, move forward, be happy generation sad.  Relationships will improve as you mature.  Wait, that wouldn’t make for good TV, would it?

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