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And they call it puppy love… and boy, do we have it!

At the Super Pet Expo last weekend, thousands of pet lovers and pet owners were feeling the love not only for their pups, but for a Noah’s Ark-like range of precious animals happily roaming the exhibit floor.  The products on display were dazzling!  Take a peek at www.superpetexpo.com to see the latest offerings from those creating products to make our pet’s lives lovelier.

One of the highlights of a whirlwind weekend at the Super Pet Expo was the TPPC.tv Pet Fashion Show.  So many gorgeous choices and fun and inventive looks.  Walking the runway with my gal, Sugar, in her downtown-girl biker jacket, was a blast!

Karen Varley and Sugar

Karen Varley and Sugar

In anticipation of the Valentine holiday, many of those on the ‘catwalk-dogwalk’ were kitted out in pinks and blush-colored-duds — including the winner, a goat with pink pigtails – now THAT is fashion forward!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.  A sweet little no-fuss holiday right in the middle of the blahs of winter.  This little holiday reminds us to say “I Love You” to those who mean most to us.  Walking Polly, Sugar and Franklin in NYC today during our latest snowstorm, (I heard they are calling it “Snowchi”) I passed card-filled shop windows, red hearts, flowers everywhere and thought how much love our animals bring into our lives.  Keeping them warm during the cold, cold winter and protecting them in beautiful clothing is a joy.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and gratitude!

Karen Varley, PJNY dogwear, www.PJNYdogwear.com


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