Judge in Dognapping Case Awards Canine Custody to Caretaker, Orders Original Owners to Pay $16K

Dognapping...oh my.

Dognapping...oh my.

The ABA Journal reports on a very interesting custody case in the UK.  This case could have happened anywhere…

In the latest litigation treating a beloved pet almost as a human child, a judge in the United Kingdom asked to deal with a London dognapping case has awarded temporary custody of an approximately two-year-old Labrador to its caretaker of 18 months.

The court was asked to weigh in after Bella was stolen earlier this month, with the help of a pet detective, from a professional dog-walker employed by stockbroker Victoria Huxster, reports the Telegraph.

Huxster says she was given the dog when a former colleague and his bank executive wife couldn’t cope with the then-puppy. They say the arrangement was only temporary and they retained ownership.

The judge ordered the couple not to attempt to kidnap Bella again and awarded court costs of approximately $16,000. A final custody hearing is scheduled to take place this summer.


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