It’s not your Mama’s pet show. Pets Teach Us So Much Radio #14 features author Darlene Arden

Yes kitties and puppies, this is a roller coaster ride of radio twists and turns!  We let it all hang out on our radio show…so be forewarned…our show is not for the faint of heart!  CAN YOU HANDLE US? YES?!!! COME ON IN AND JOIN THE FUN!!!

Robbin, AKA The Princess, and Joe Everett, AKA Rhino Bear or “Ohhhh Joe!”, BRING IT on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio.  It’s not your Mama’s pet show.


Joe’s pet Hood Rat has his Poop Taser fastened to his side and his paws in the air like he just don’t care!  Do you?

We have Woofy wonderful Great Guests today including author Darlene Arden discussing her new book, The Compete Cats Meow.  There is so much to know about raising a happy healthy cat.  We will be taking some questions so call in or join in the chat room!

Plus! Yvonne DiVita keeps us up to date with BlogPaws happenings with Countdown to BlogPaws,


Celebrity Pet Gossip- Doot, doot dooooo!

Weird animal news- Sharks, baby bears, Bronx Zoo Cobra update, loudest purring cat,

Animal Health- Does this collar make my butt look big? Therapy dogs go ivy league.

Animal Controversy-Horse round up update. Is the BLM doing the right thing?

Next week- Chat time! Pet pet peeves! Call in, chat in and let us know what your pet pet peeves are! Let us know if you have a particular topic or question that you want to discuss.

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Meet back here at 6:30 PM EST Thursday Nights!  Click this link and change your life…OK…maybe that was a bit over the edge.



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