It’s a New Year of life, from Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary 2011

We all know about it but don’t talk about it. We all want to help but really don’t know where to start. It is a fact of life that humans are meat eaters (with the exception of the vegetarian and vegan community) but really don’t want to know the details about where it all ends. Here in NJ we have the last livestock market left in NJ. Many of the livestock markets have been shut down due to poor conditions and lack of attendance and that could be a good thing but the fact is we have many farmers in this county that make a living by raising animals for meat production and it’s a way of life.

Here at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary we remain neutral and focus on ways we can make a small difference, so once a year we make our annual trip to the market to observe and not judge and focus on what we can do to make a difference in our own little way. In some cases it might be purchasing hay and feed and in some cases we have “rescued” baby goats, lambs, and an alpaca named Harry. This year was no different; we set out with an open mind hoping all would be healthy and not have to intervene in the food chain process and at the end of the day we came home with 3 baby lambs and one Brown Swiss calf. The sheep will stay together as a small heard and have been brought to PAZ farm where they will be cared for by Dan and Melinda, what lucky sheep! Millie, Gracie and Delilah settled in to PAZ Farm and will join Pheobe & Bonnie the two sheep that were rescued last year from an abandoned warehouse in Jersey City. Thank you Dan & Melinda for helping us!

The Brown Swiss who has some issues was brought to Antler Ridge Farm for care of his twisted front leg and underweight and bad infection. We have named him Norman!

He was taken to Morris Plains Animal Hospital for initial evaluation and treatment and is happy to be home now at Antler Ridge.

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