Is Your Pet a (Pregnant) Star? New Show Casting Pets!

Hello Fur Friends!  We just received a news flash about a casting call for the pets in the tri-state area, so we wanted to get this information out to you, STAT!

Here you go…good luck to all!


In this lighthearted documentary we follow three pups and three kittens through the first months of their life. Told from the newborns’ perspective, it’s the closest and cutest look into the early lives of everyone’s favorite furry friends!

We are looking for dogs and cats in the New York Tri-State region who are expecting litters sometime from mid-September through mid-October, to take part in this special. Though we might spot a pet-owner’s arm or leg on camera or perhaps hear some cooing over their cuteness, this program is all about the animals and documenting the milestone moments in their young lives.

If you have a dog or cat who will be delivering in our time frame, and are interested in having your puppies’ or kittens’ early days followed and captured on film, please send us an email to:

Please be sure to include the following information:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Your City, State and Proximity to NYC

Animal’s Name
Breed of Dog/Cat
Number of Weeks Pregnant
Any health concerns/complications

****Please note filming will take place over the course of several weeks, but we will only be shooting with the puppy or kitten (and you!) 4-6 times in that period.****

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