Is Fashion Your Passion? Are You A Fashionista? Enter the Pet Fashion Show and Contest!

Are you creative?  Do you love to sew?  Can you coordinate outfits like nobody’s business?

A model and dog walk the runway. (Photo:

A model and dog walk the runway. (Photo:

Then think about your entry for the Pet Fashion Show and Contest, February 8, 2014! You can strut your stuff and show everyone your mad fashion skills!


How do I enter?  Look for a link here and on SPE with entry details.

What should my pet wear? Whatever you create! Go for it!

Should I dress up too?  Coordination will be a factor in judging!

What will the judges be looking for? 

Judges will grade the contestants on the:

-Coordination of outfits between pet and handler

-Communication/relationship between pet and handler

-The Glam Factor! Extra points awarded for the couple hamming it up, having a good time and enjoying the moment.

Judges will choose the final 3 contestants.

Audience members will be encouraged to support their favorites through applause, as they will select the winner. Bring your friends for support!

Winner will have bragging rights and wear all of the trimmings of a runway star!





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