Inspiring Pet News: Facebook friends made our birthday the best ever

Every once in a while some of us “forty somethings” still marvel at the wonders of the internet. That’s right kids, there was a world without computers, cell phones, microwaves, that we can remember.  By the way, we thought bag phones were cool, moving up from the car phone weighing only 6 pounds and costing $5.00 a minute.

The bag phone

So what amazed us recently was not microwave popcorn, although that is always fun to watch and not have to clean up the oily pot like we used to years ago before the Joe Namath , Butter Up Popcorn Popper that we had in college…butter melting through the holes in the top as the oil popped the kernels in the bottom of the unit. If Broadway Joe said it was good popcorn, well, there was no better endorsement…

Joe Namath Popcorn Popper

We were amazed in fact by the birthday wishes we received for our mascot’s birthday.  About 120 people, from all corners of the world, wished Lookie Lou, “Happy Birthday”, “Buon Compleanno”, and “Joyeux Anniversaire”.  It was incredibly heartwarming for us to see a little cartoon dog’s birthday acknowledged.   You see, Lookie Lou was born from the imagination of two pet loving people trying to make the world a better place for pets everywhere.

Your acts of kindness really grounded us and reminded us sometimes, just taking a moment to acknowledge someone, share a greeting, a picture or share a special event, can validate them in a way that you can not image.  It may in fact change their life in a way that you would not have thought possible.  You, reaching out, can make a difference in the world.

Thank you and  Woofy Woo to you  for reaching out to Lookie Lou for his 2nd Birthday.  You made a difference in our lives.

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