Inspiration: What Pets Teach Us about miniature doll houses and trains

Yes Virginia, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

For those of you who know Joe and I, you know we are both artisans.  Joe has an amazing train layout.  I love creative challenges such as sewing, making dolls and now, accessories for miniature doll houses.

Last weekend, we took time to replenish our creative energies and pursue our hobbies a bit, which we will share with you in the coming months, including an episode featuring a very special train ride with Lookie Lou.

Speaking of Lookie Lou, what is it that pets teach us about miniature doll houses and trains?

Pets teach us to be passionate about what you love to do and to take time to relax.

Chachala and Philomena, our Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher love their toys.  When they hear rustling around the toy box, they come stampeding like a heard of wild buffalo.  They shake, squeak and toss their toys, “Grring” and leaping like they are really doing something amazing.  When you take a cue from our furry friends you see how important occupying your thoughts with something you love or “Play” and relaxation are for your mental health and well being.

A non-scientific case study

I have a friend, Marianne, who would never take time for herself on the weekend.  She would food shop, do the wash, clean the house and never relax.  She would drag herself around during the week with absolutely no spring in her step.  She lives with her grown son and her husband passed years ago.

I gave her an “assignment” for the weekend.  Find time to relax at least for a few hours.  She said, “I’ll try”.  I told her that wasn’t good enough.  I asked her, “When, specifically are you going to relax?”  Marianne needed to schedule it in to her weekend, she just didn’t realize it.  After some thought, she told me, “Sunday afternoon.”

I spoke with her this morning and she was down right chipper.  I haven’t seen her smile in 4 years so this was an amazing morning as she greeted me with a toothy grin.  She said, “I relaxed!” with great zeal.  She reconnected with some friends on the phone and had a lovely afternoon.  This was great news.

We hope you schedule some time for yourself this weekend and pursue your passion.

Enjoy every day, every moment, every breath.

Sorry about the lack of a Pet Blogger Support story this weekend.  Next weekend we will feature a double dip of Pet Blogger Support to make up the deficit.

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