Idaho home infested with snakes for sale at a discount

A slithering story from Daily Mail Reporter

Even the man trying to sell this house admits it has a ‘horrible’ problem. But there are snake lovers in the world, so he remains hopeful.

The agent trying to sell this five-bedroom house in Idaho has listed it for $66,000 less than its estimated market value – because it is infested with thousands of snakes.

Location, location, location: Dozens of garter snakes slither inside a wheat bucket in this still taken from a news report on YouTube about a previous family’s struggles to live in the infamous ‘Idaho snake house’

Home sweet snake den: One of the house’s previous occupants picks up a snake she has found scurrying along the exterior

Last year its owners gave up and walked away, allowing the house to fall into foreclosure – deciding that was a better option than living with the serpents slithering around in the ceilings and walls.

It was taken over by the lender, Chase Bank.

Oh yeah…we found the video! (We are not your Mama’s pet blog…hold on to your hat for this video!)

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One thought on “Idaho home infested with snakes for sale at a discount

  1. Wow…. I like snakes (and used to have one as a pet)… but even still! I don’t think I could live in this house!! They don’t creep me out, but I don’t exactly want hundreds of them loose in all my things! (and food!)

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