How to look like the Smartest Person or Pup at the Party

How to look like the smartest person or pup at the party-

Relationship advice from The Love Genies


Party like a rock star! (Photo:

Party like a rock star! (Photo:

Let’s face it; most of us animal people rather spend time with our animals rather than people.  Unless of course, we are spending time with other animal people…then it’s a whole different ball game.  To sound like the smartest pup at these uncomfortable social events, we need to become the Border Collie.

The Border Collie is often thought to be the smartest breed of them all, out smarting the Poodle, German Shepard, Doberman Pinscher and the Labrador Retriever.  By becoming the Border Collie, you can maximize you results with minimal effort.

So, what’s you first step?  Joining Mensa? No!  Memorizing the dictionary? NO!  Spending quality time with Stephen Hawking? NOOOOOO!  You just need to get people in your corner.

What’s the quickest way to get someone’s attention?  Pay them a complement.  Not something fake…something heartfelt.  For woman, attention to detail counts.  Saying something like, “Your ring is stunning!” or “Your watch is so elegant”, will get you some serious mileage.

Memorizing some expanded vocabulary terms that suggest greatness and beauty will go a long way here.

For men, not only focusing on something they are wearing, but something they say is helpful as well.  We only suggest this because men wear more standard suit and tie type of outfits in a business setting much of the time, so it’s harder to sound original.  NOT because a man has such fascinating things to say and a woman does not! (Chortle).  Of course you can compliment words, actions and looks for either sex!

A word of caution here!  Avoid using terms such as “Sexy” or anything that could be construed as provocative or inappropriate in a business setting.  You don’t want to end up in Human Resources. Oh no…you don’t want to be in the doghouse.

Remember, using a bigger vocabulary when complimenting people makes them remember you and of course they will think you are smart!  You are planting a subconscious likability factor into your presence.  And who doesn’t want to be liked?  Good luck mixing with other packs this holiday season.  Just be the smart Border Collie and you should herd them into your corner in no time!

Woofy Woo from us to you!  The Love Genies-Robbin and Joseph Everett

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