How to increase your good pet karma and happiness

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, the most popular animal radio show and podcast, discussed how to increase your good karma and live a happier life.  To hear the discussion, download episode 77.  Below is a summary of what was discussed.


Oh so happy! (

Oh so happy! (

How to increase your good pet karma and happiness…

If you knew you only had 30 days left on earth, what would you do?

  • Would you try to get “heaven points” to make up for all of your bad behavior?
  • Would you spend time with loved ones?
  • Would you take a trip that you have always wanted to?
  • Would you have your pet’s picture tattooed on your forearm?
  • Would you call someone to say you are sorry?

Well, why aren’t you doing those things now?  Why aren’t you living like every day is your last day on earth?  Why are you waiting for tomorrow?

Don’t use money as an excuse!  Find a way to save for a trip or a house or whatever it is that you desire. If you really want something, set it as a goal and work toward it.

No one ever says, “Oh I wish I worked more”.  Take your vacation time if you are due it. If you drop dead at your desk, it’s doubtful that a plaque will be erected in your honor.  Most likely, people will fight over your office supplies and that will be that.


Don’t wait until it’s too late, your too old or too sick.  Be the best you can be everyday!


And don’t forget to pay it forward.  Our avid listener and chat room ambassador, JDrew, paid the toll for the person behind him in the toll line.  Not because he was looking for “Heaven Points”, but because he truly wanted to brighten someone’s day. (He didn’t know that his actions would inspire us to do a whole segment on good karma and happiness!)


Let’s move onto our pets and good pet karma.  Pets aren’t hurtful or mean to us.  They are just here for us.  Do you think we would be better people if we were “here” every moment, like it was the last, being kind to those around us?  If we knew we had finite time, would we change our behavior to fill up the karma wagon with heaven points?


Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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