How to Help Victims of Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse

It’s difficult to walk a mile in another person’s shoes.

It’s horrifying to think that the life of a child or woman or man could be in danger at the hands of their domestic partner. Husband, wife or partner, living in fear of walking into your home…your supposed safe place, is not living at all.

Many times, women don’t leave their abusers out of fear.  Fear for their lives, their children’s lives and now  we are learning, their pet’s lives as well.

In the 54th episode of our show, we discuss the Purple Paw Project with the Friends of Animals (, Executive Director, Claudia McMullin.  FOA has coordinated rescue efforts for pets of victims of domestic violence.

Victims can seek a safe haven with their children and rest assured that their beloved family pets are safe through a coordinated  temporary arrangement with a FOA shelter.

We know shelters are overwhelmed right now.  But think about this…if animal shelters coordinated with domestic violence shelters, the long term effects could potentially be saving the life of the domestic abuse victim, children and the family pets.

A temporary arrangement could yield a better long term solution as pets are not surrendered permanently and the beloved family pets, often the therapists and protectors in an abusive situation are returned to those who need them most at an extremely difficult time.

We urge pet shelter volunteers to reach out to domestic abuse shelters to help coordinate these efforts.  And, as always we thank you for your service, helping to save animals AND people, one at a time.

To hear more about the Purple Paw Project, tune into show 54 on our player.


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