How to get through the holidays, stress free! Become the Puppy!

Be The Puppy!

Be The Puppy!

Here at Pets Teach Us So Much, The Love Genies, Robbin and Joseph Everett often discuss how we can learn from our pets, simply by taking the lessons they teach us every day and internalizing them.

Funny, since we are supposed to be the “Top of the food chain”, we often out think ourselves into a puddle of mush.

We have put together some tips to get you through some of the stress of the season.

Become Cuddly By Putting On Your Armor

Yes, it sounds strange.

One of the most endearing qualities of a puppy, is that it supplies us with unconditional love. Puppies don’t care if you have bad breath or wear too much perfume.  Puppies don’t care if you drive a Mercedes or a hand me down beater car from your sister.  Puppies don’t care if you just got a promotion or don’t have a job.

Embracing all that the holidays and the people that are around us have to offer is challenging sometimes.  We may find people offensive in many ways.  So, if you put on your armor and not let comments or actions into your “being”, you can reduce your stress by just being you, and carrying on.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Put on your armor and be confident in who you are.

Tilt Your Head But You May Not Get Your Ears Scratched

Do you always scratch your pet’s head every single time they ask, do you?  Of course not…we would never be able to sleep or leave the house! LOL!

We don’t always want to be flexible during the holidays.  It’s challenging to keep peace and keep everyone happy.  If you do give in a bit, do it with love not hate or malice.  This sounds odd, but it’s so easy to pile on resentment and anger. If you give in, or tilt your head, don’t expect to be recognized for it. But in the same token, remain in your comfort zone.

If you don’t want to go to a relative’s house or a party, simply don’t go.  Look at it this way-you were going to be talked about anyway, so who cares!

Don’t Pee-Pee or Doodle Next to Your Food Bowl

Puppies don’t like to mess in their crates and they don’t like to make doodles next to their food bowl.

Don’t go to the “Big Event” whether it’s the office party or your relatives house and get ripped.  Tanking up and really telling people what you think is not all that good for you.  Let alone dancing with the lamp shade on your head or doing it GANGNAM STYLE to the delight of your co-worker who no longer take you seriously.

Sometimes, we get set in our ways and we set expectations that may not be healthy.  Watching the Walton’s TV show in the 70’s and 80’s set makes us reminiscent of a time when everyone sat around the table and shared a pot of possum stew without arguing…and everyone was thankful for a bowl of stew.

It’s challenging to keep everyone happy in large groups.  Sometimes we find that we need to be flexible to accommodate everyone…and that can grate on our nerves.  But in the long run, becoming the puppy everyone loves may get you through the holidays a little easier.  It’s not a perfect world and if you can’t bow out gracefully, become the puppy until you can rejoin your own pack.

These tips were discussed on the Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, 71 if you would like to listen to our discussion.


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