How to Gain Self Confidence


Self confidence can change your life

Self confidence can change your life


Does your dog or cat obsess with his or her self-awareness?  No! They groom themselves, buy they don’t look in the mirror with a destructive internal dialog stating,  “I’m too fat!” or “My fur looks stupid- why did I get this cut or color?”

This self-doubting human behavior robs us of our self-confidence and happiness.  The sooner you stop the destructive internal dialog and like you for who you are, the sooner you will gain self-confidence.

Stop caring about what everyone thinks!  They are Buttholes anyway!  You are laughing, because you know it’s true.  Live like your way and don’t be afraid to do what you want to do.

That fear will kill you.  Following the pack will kill you.  Joe has had plenty of experience watching his happen time and time again in his career as a firefighter.

Develop your independence-stop being a lemming.  Start being authentic and happy.  Embrace who you are, from the inside.  Be confident and stop caring what everyone thinks.

Stay tuned for Part II next week- How to be a Great Pack Leader

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