How to Donate Hair and Nylons for the Oil Spill.

You might have seen some news about pet hair or human hair being stuffed into booms to soak up the oil in the gulf, but you didn’t know how to get involved or where to send the hair.  So, we found a web site for an organization, Matter of Trust,  that we wanted to share with you, that explains exactly what to do.

Here is what you can do and how you can help-

“GET STARTED – set aside a designated box (salons usually reuse a box in which shampoo was delivered)

– line the box with a plastic garbage bag so hair (and fur, fleece, feathers) can’t slip out

– ideally, donate shampoed hair, it doesn’t have to be. Just don’t include filthy hair / fur that has stuff stuck to it.

– any length is fine

– every type of hair is fine (straight, curly, all colors, dyed, permed, straightened…) but only HEAD hair, please! Yes dread locks are ok to send – although we find they have fungus inside when cut open – so please separate in their own bag and mark “DREADS”. They are handled separately. 🙂

– sweep in all clippings, JUST HAIR, but please NO OTHER GARBAGE (gum, metal clips, paper cups, wrappers…)

– remember volunteers (sometimes young students) have to stuff this hair into booms and don’t want to feel garbage or anything sharp

– tie the top of the bag and tape the box shut

– we also accept washed, used (even with runs) nylon stocking donations in a separate bag, please.

– we also accept fur and other “natural fibers” waste wool, alpaca fleece, horse hair, feathers… again, please, no other garbage or contaminants in with the hair/fur/ fleece fibers… (a handful total per bag of hay and seeds are ok, but no garbage and, of course, absolutely no poo!) Thanks!

– mark the boxes DEBRIS FREE HAIR (FUR, FLEECE, FEATHERS) and / or NYLONS (just nylons don’t need a box, send however is convenient.)


Nylons for the Gulf Photo Credit:

5/23/10 please note: We need nylons for the Gulf, but we are not accepting hair from new sign ups till we work through the tons that we have. All new sign ups are in the RESERVES till further notice.”

Here is the link to their website for more info:

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