How to be a Great Leader


Great Leaders take care of the pack

Great Leaders take care of the pack

Great Pack leaders don’t give a crap what you think!

Great Pack Leaders are born.  You can’t teach someone to care about other people.  Great Pack Leaders care about other people.  So much so, that they will sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the pack.  Often this occurs without the pack knowing.

We all have the gift of vision and imagination.  Some of us don’t have the balls to do what it takes to make it happen.  Pack followers want to be everyone’s friend.  They don’t want to upset the apple cart.  They want to stay the course and tow the party line.  “They said” are the words of destruction of a society, organization or social group.

“He or she said”, are the words of success.  Owning up to the statements you make and being able to back up what you have said and why you have said it.  That is the mark of a great pack leader.

Pack leaders are not people pleasers; they are doers, delegators, coaches and organizers.  They are not babysitters or gossipmongers.  They cut the heads off snakes and eat the snakes in front of the snake den so everyone can see, moving in a collective positive direction benefits all.

Joe always says, in the incident command system, everyone has a job to do then report back and be accountable for what his or her area of responsibility is.  Lives depend on it.  You do not ask questions of the Chief.  You do as your told, and everyone gets out alive.

You don’t ask questions, because you don’t see the full picture as the Chief does and there isn’t time to explain.  People could be hanging out of windows, but the person on side A of the building doesn’t see what is going on over on side C.

This is an example, to make a point that pack leaders may not be popular, but they have to make tough decisions and gain the respect of the members.  This happens with self-confidence.  Second-guessing anything in your life slows you down and fills you with self-doubt.

Be the Pack Leader in your own life.  Don’t care about the petty bull-pucky that weighs down the majority of the world.  Keep your course, lead and live your life.

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