Hershey Park RV Show

In between the special projects we are working on, we have made time to attend the Hershey Park RV Show in Hershey, PA.  September 15- 19.  (Chocolate! I’m in.)

Ta-da! Say Hello to my little friends.

So much to think about.  We are leaning towards a diesel pusher, Class A RV at this point.   We need to carry equipment, we want a regular bed on the floor, not up via a ladder, like a bunk bed.   From what we have learned so far, the Tiffin line is the front runner. Just a note for our friends who don’t have experience camping, this venture does not really entail camping per say, in my book.  We call it GLAMPING!

If I don’t have to dig a hole to go potty, then it’s not camping.  In our younger days we used to rough it, but with the amount of production equipment that we need to travel with, we need a glamper.  Yes, the glamper will carry us, equipment for our show and 2 dogs.  It’s a mobile production unit on wheels for the TPPC.tv Crew.

Although we will need to pack and carry more specialty equipment then the average family, we will certainly be sure to make time to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature.

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