Hero Chihuahua STOPS Robbers

Bad Ass Chihuahua




Hero Chihuahua stops robbers

Click on above “Hero Chihuahua stops robbers” for video.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies video of a bad ass Chihuahua, acting as a store security guard chasing off low life robbers at an Altadena smoke shop.

The video, shows two thugs, armed with a long gun, running into the Ace Smoke Shop trying to steal the hard working store owners money.

As the store owner begins putting his cash in a sack from one of the thugs, the owner’s Chihuahua begins  the transformation into bad ass Chihuahua, that is not happy about them taking his Poppies money. Barking and trying to get a chunk of meat from the thugs legs, and chasing them out of the store and down the street.

At one point, one of the men points his rifle at the Chihuahua, but this bad ass dog is not phased at all.

Neither the store owner, nor the dog was injured.

Thanks to our pals at AP Press for the story and You Tube for the video.





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One thought on “Hero Chihuahua STOPS Robbers

  1. Hahaha I LOVE it! We have a chihuahua too that will play this for hours!! Too too cute!

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