Hedgehog saved by Surgeons doing the right thing

A Mother Hedgehog saved by emergency surgery

From the Austrian Times:

Prickly Patient!

Vets carried out an emergency five hour op on this mother hedgehog after she was hit by a car – to save her youngsters from being orphaned. The surgeons – who waived their bill for the operation at their surgery in Przemysl, Poland – said they began the prickly procedure when an animal lover brought the mum and her litter in after spotting them beside a road.

“We had an emergency room free and we didn’t want those sweet babies to lose their mother. So we decided to save her at any cost,” said head veterenary surgeon Dr. Radoslaw Fedaczyński.

“She had been hit by a car but had staggered back to her children beside the road where she was found.

“The operation was a success and we are very pleased these baby hedgehogs still have their mother,” added Dr Fedaczynski.

Commentary: Yeah for Dr.’s doing the right thing.

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