Guinea Pigs Heat Lamp Mistaken for Pot Farm

Sometimes you run across a story that is not only unbelievable but also…unbelievable!

Guinea Pigs or Pot Farm? Photo:Photolibrary

Guinea Pigs or Pot Farm? Photo:Photolibrary

Quirkie News from Australia, from Orange News

Police swooped on a suspected cannabis factory – only to find the suspicious heat source was a heater for two guinea pigs.

Officers arrived after a police helicopter detected a hotspot on the roof of a house garage in Bradford, reports The Mirror.

Police have apologised for any distress the raid caused to the guinea pigs’ owner, 42-year-old Pam Hardcastle.

Mrs Hardcastle, a primary school learning mentor, said: “I’d gone to work and got a call from my mum who said you need to come home.

“The police came on the phone and said: ‘We think you’re growing cannabis in your garage.

“I said: ‘No, it’s a heater to keep my guinea pigs warm because it’s been so cold’.”

Mrs Hardcastle said that despite the embarrassment the incident had caused, she did not criticise the police.

“I think the police do a really good job and I do understand why they did it,” she said. “It ‘s just unfortunate it was me.”

Insp Darren Brown said: “I would like to apologise for the distress this may have caused. However, I would point out that these tactics are essential in tackling drugs across the district.”

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