Guide Pony works for Michigan State University student

Guide Pony helps blind muslim woman go to Michigan State

Guide Pony in the classroom

From the Telegraph:

Cali is the first guide animal for Mona Ramouni, a devout Muslim whose parents – Jordanian immigrants – would not accept a dog into their house.

Miss Ramouni, a 30-year-old blind student at Michigan State University, uses Cali, one of a handful of miniature horses in the US known to be used as guide animals.

“Usually I’m good about it because you have to educate people,” Mona Ramouni said. “Sometimes I’ll say, no, it’s a really cool toy.”

The university has an internationally recognised centre which assists disabled students and employees integrate into the community and achieve their full potential.

While there was some initial concern about whether Cali would make a mess or be a distraction, the tiny brown horse with a shiny black mane is surprisingly tidy and even gets along with the guide dog of one of Ramouni’s classmates.

“The thing that I love about having Cali and the dog Harper in the class is that it’s such a vivid example to people about how adaptive students can be in going about their lives and achieving what they want to achieve,” Prof Shelley Smithson said.

Weighing in at slightly over 7st, miniature horses are about the same size as a large dog but are much stockier and can help support people with mobility issues.


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