Green Pet-Dog Toy from Recycled Plastic Bottles

We were cruising around the web looking for some pet toys that are made from recycled products.  We found this earth friendly “Tree Hugger Squeaker” dog toy! The fabric is made from 85% recycled plastic bottles!  Now that is pretty impressive!  We found it on the Ecoanimal web site

Tree Hugger Squeaker Dog Toy-Green Pet Groovy!

They state:

“Put your pooch on the “Good List” this year with our eco friendly Tree Hugger. This adorable little pine tree toy is made from fabric, made from 85% recycled plastic bottles and filled with our non-toxic recycled poly-fill. Tree Hugger fits perfectly into any size mouth and is tough enough for even the roughest players. Let your dog make a statement with this green little tree – its fun , squeaky, and eco friendly!“

Machine Washable. Measures 9″. Made in the USA.”

That’s a 4 paws up on the Eco-Friendly Woofy Woo Scale!



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10 thoughts on “Green Pet-Dog Toy from Recycled Plastic Bottles

  1. Hi Saw you in my comments and came to take a look. Found some realy interesting stuff. Will come back and took yur sidebar tag. Thanks GJ z

  2. Very cool!!! Most of my dogs’ toys get demolished, so having recycled toys will make me feel a little less bad when I have to toss ’em.

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