Great video PSA for

Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies

Our friend Christina from turned us on to this video.  You know, on our radio show we talk about our Hood Rat Poop Tasering people who don’t pick up their doggies business so this video was just hysterical.  Thanks Christina!


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8 thoughts on “Great video PSA for

  1. Very awesome! It’s so simple, isn’t it? Just pick up your dang poop – if you bend over and do the fake poop pickup, you will be called out. I’m proud to be part of the Hood Rat Poop Taser Squad 😀

  2. Great video…I have a neighbor with 4 dogs. She walks 2 on leashes and then just lets the others ‘go’ whereever…and does she scoop? Nope, tries to flick the poo aside with a stick…I even left some poop bags on her doorknob and well, the are attached to her leash but she still doesn’t use them. I don’t have any woofies but if I did, I would try to make sure they ‘eliminated’ before they left my yard to go for a walk…Novel idea!

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