Good news! Precious finds a home!

Cute cat...not Precious, just a cute cat (photo:

Cute cat...not Precious, just a cute cat (photo:

We got this follow up email about Precious the kitty and we were so happy! You may remember Precious was orphaned by her hu-mom passing away.  She bounced around a bit and was looking for a home.  We talked about her on our show and posted her information here on our blog.  We just wanted to share-

Dear Crew,

Excellent news! Sweet Precious kitty has found a new forever home with

a loving Mum & Dad plus other kitties to play with! She is getting

used to her new home slowly, especially since she was used to being a

single kitty, but her humans will keep things slow. For now, Precious

is getting lots of love and hugs from her family.

Thank you so much for being there for special needs; you are truly

wonderful humans!

Gentle Purrs from Zoe Luna and BIG Thank Yous from Nadine


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