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The Burkett Family with their "Go Pet Friendly" Mobile

Amy and Rod Burkett aren’t your average 9-5er’s.  The hit the road following their passion for pet friendly places for a living.  Some days they are mobile and other days they are enjoying some of the locations they write about on their site, Go Pet Friendly.  Their site contains great information about traveling, including places to stay, eat and see with your pet.  If you want the inside scoop check out their blog and stay tuned to see them on an upcoming episode of TPPC.tv.

We had such a great time meeting up and getting to know them a little better.  Woofy Woo to the Burketts!

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One thought on “Go Pet Friendly-Cool People, Cool Site

  1. Hi guys!! We had so much fun meeting with you too. It’s so interesting to meet other people that are so passionate about pets and have dedicated themselves to making a difference. We can’t wait until we can get together with you guys again.

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