Getting back into the swing of things

What? It's after Labor Day.

What? It's after Labor Day.

After a crazy couple of weeks we are trying to get back to some assemblence of “back to normal”.  We were very lucky, considering so many who suffered at the hands of Irene.  Watching the news tonight, we see fires in Texas and more floods and tornados all over the world.

Here in NJ, the kids are going back to school, people are back from vacation…and getting ready for Christmas. That’s right, if you have been in a store lately, you have seen some pre-holiday cheer mixed in the Halloween, Thanksgiving and back to school.

Don’t worry.  In 3 months we will be having the, “OMD or C, I can’t believe it’s Christmas and it comes the same time every year and I am still not ready” conversation.  Because we can.  What are friends for?

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