Get The Treats You Want In Your Personal Life

Get the treats you want in your life

Get the treats you want in your life


On our last episode of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, the most popular radio show for pet owners, we talked about how to get the treats you want in your personal life, both figuratively and literally.

How does a dog or cat tell you they want a treat?  Do they speak to you?

Perhaps they do, in a way.  They go over to the treat jar in the morning.  Nudge you after walkies and bark if you forget to give them a treat.  They really do become very specific about what they want and when they want it, don’t they?

This story was prompted by a conversation about gift giving.  Two people were talking about how their significant others were horrible gift givers.  They were always disappointed with what they received at the holidays.

They were setting unrealistic expectations.  Instead of  helping their spouses or setting a realistic expectation, they were setting up a self fulfilling prophecy of disappointment.  They just complained about their spouses for about an hour and sent out so much negativity.

Discussing expectations, budgets, likes and dislikes can lead to a realistic and happy gift giving experience.  It’s nice to think that puppies and rainbows magically appear when we smile, but that only happens on TV friends.

Stop putting out negative energy and help your spouse or partner.  If they truly care about you, they will listen and be happy to get suggestions to make you happy.

Always complaining leads to hard feelings and potential irreparable damage in your relationship.  Loving relationships need open communication and realistic expectations in order for you to get the treat that you would like in life.

To listen to our discussion, check out episode 74 of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio.

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