George the baby elephant (amazing ultrasound photo)

From the Telegraph:

An elephant in utero. Photo: WHIPSNADE/PA

The amazing photographs show George, the latest elephant to be born at Whipsnade Zoo, a full nineteen months before he was born.

But the three-dimensional ultrasound scanner and tiny camera, which recorded the pregnancy from conception to birth, were able to detect his trunk developing just three months into the 22-month pregnancy.

Ultrasound scans are carried out throughout the process to monitor the health and wellbeing of mother and baby.

A year and a half after the images were recorded, George’s amazing birth was filmed.

George was 124 kilograms when he was born – which is more than a human adult – and now at six months old he weighs around 60 stone.

He is a boisterous member of the herd of Asian elephants at the Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, where he loves to play in the 7-acre paddock with his big sister Donna.

Zoo spokeswoman Rebecca Smith said: “We have a team come over from Berlin to take ultrasound scans of all our pregnant elephants.

“It is normal procedure but the clarity of the images varies of course. But this is one of the clearest we have ever seen with the trunk so visible. It is unmistakably an elephant.”


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