Furfriend Spotlight-Shopping and Lunch with your BFF! Best Fur Friend!

Ugh! A rainy weekend is in the forecast! What to do with you BFF? Oh, BFF in this blog means Best Fur Friend by the way. You don’t feel like getting wet at the dog park, so let’s talk about lunch and shopping, BFF style.

Phil & Cha, the "Fur Kids"

Joe and I love to “take the girls” to special places.  Yes, we plan trips that we think are dog-centric in nature.  Most likely if you are reading this blog, you do to, so we don’t need to make false apologies for being nutty pet lovers.

We live in a resort area of NJ and this is the busy season, so we need to consider traffic patterns and the time of day that we venture out.  We do like to spoil our dogs, so we usually plan a lunch and shopping trip with them on the rainy weekends.  It a nice way  to get out together and get our minds off of the week, work and de-stress.

We usually pick a drive through or car side service lunch spot so we can stay in the car. We bring dog treats or the girls may share in a lick of vanilla ice cream or tiny nibble of meat.  Dog food purists may gasp, but so we digress.

After lunch we plan a trip to the pet store for pet toys! Each dog gets to pick out something special. Usually they go for something furry and squeaky.  They both seem to favor the AKC brand toys.

AKC Toy AKA "Squirrely"

They hold up well given that our little dogs play like big dogs.  The trip serves as a chance to reinforce good behaviors with our dogs as well. Being with us, listening to us and behaving in a new environment is part of the day’s agenda.

We are fortunate.  We share our lives with wonderful pets and we enjoy each other.   We also feel fortunate to have all of you in our lives.  We appreciate each and every one of you.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Woofy Woo!

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