Funny! Oh Boy Walmart, You Are Not Going to Believe This Skunk Picture!

A skunk in Walmart on

A Skunk in Walmart!

This is a picture from the “People of Walmart” site. If you haven’t seen the site, it is a hoot. Regular people taking pictures of Walmart regulars. Oh boy. Anyway, so someone snapped the picture above.

OK…sometimes, you just can’t find the words to adequately describe a picture. This is one of those times when in fact, we have more questions than comments.

  • Did the Walmart greeter not notice the skunk?
  • How did the skunk learn to ride in the carriage?
  • Does the skunk need a manicure?
  • Should the skunk be buckled in for safety?
  • Why doesn’t the skunk have a collar or leash?

Wait, what are we saying…why is the skunk a pet in the first place?

Happy Monday Woofy Woo friends!

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