Football Prediction, Jets vs Patriots with Princess the Camel

Hey girl good pick…back on track with the Giant games. They had you a little worried in the first half of the game didn’t they?

They sure did John!! I think all the fans booing them before half time embarrassed them enough so that they came out and played like they did in the 2nd half to win!!
Princess, this week’s pick doesn’t get much easier. It’s the Jets against their arch nemesis … Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

Uh-oh girl you’ve got a real serious look on your face!!

John, this is a real tough one. They’re both 9 – 2 and you never know what to expect when these two play. Well, it isn’t going to get any easier the longer I wait, so let’s get to the pick.

Careful girl – don’t choke on this one!!!

Princess picks the PATRIOTS to win!

Princess you’re picking against your new favorite quarterback … Sanchez?
John it’s not Sanchez. Belichick runs his team like a business — he doesn’t put up with a lot of stuff and runs a tight ship. Rex Ryan …… the Jets’ coach ….. what he’s got there … that’s a carnival, and sometimes he is the biggest clown. I’m going with the business end in this one.

Well, it’s your pick girl. Sometimes carnivals can be a lot of fun.
John, fun … fun is eating those new cinnamon coated graham crackers, now give the rest of them up.

Alright girl you thought this one through?
Sure did, John, sometimes the funny-man writes check with his mouth that his butt can’t cash.

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