Five tips for finding the right doggy daycare



Have you thought about putting your dog into a daycare program?    Finding a good daycare facility for pets may be important for those pet owners who don’t have generous, pet loving relatives or friends in the area willing to care for their fur kids but they want to provide socialization, play and exercise for their pets during the day.  Doggy daycare might not be an every day activity; however, we find many pet people want to treat their pets to day care on occasion.

We assembled five key tips for you to consider while you are on your quest for the perfect daycare experience for you and your pooch.  You want to feel confident and at ease when you drop off your dog.  Speaking from experience, the last thing you want is to feel like you are simply dropping off your dry cleaning. (Gasp!)

Make sure safety is a priority: Ensuring a safe atmosphere for your dog is top on our list.  When you walk into the facility, observe the following:

Does the facility require behavior screening and copies of vaccinations?

Do they offer a large and small dog room with play groups?

Is the staff trained in dog CPR and first aid?

Does the environment appear safe from things on which dogs could potentially harm themselves?

Is there a doggy webcam you can access remotely?

Determine the value for service– With the economy the way it is, consumers want to feel as if they are getting value for the hard earned dollars they are spending.   Understand what you are really getting for your money.   Ask what the schedule is for your dog during the day and what activities your pet is participating in such as play/rest indoors/outdoors swimming/no swimming etc.  Ask if snacks and meals are included and if there is a charge for administering medications.

Know and understand the rules of engagement– What are the rules for drop off and pick up times?  What happens if you get hung up at work for an extra 10 minutes during pick up time?  Will that translate to an extra day charge?  Make sure you are completely aware of what their rules are and what packages are available.  For example, a discount may be available for an advanced purchase of 5 or 10 visits.

Are ancillary services offered– What other services are available to you? Many facilities will offer additional services such as grooming, massage and training for additional fees. Taking advantage of these services might make you eligible for discounts and you would be saving on fuel and time by skipping an extra trip to the groomer.

Seek recommendations and referrals: Talk to your friends, coworkers and social media contacts.  Check the internet for comments about the facility.  A simple Google search of the facility name can turn up unexpected and surprising results, both good and disturbing.

Hopefully, using the tips above you can embark on a wooftastic daycare experience for both you and your fur baby.


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