Finding Love for Pet Lovers

You know here on the Love Genies segment, we often discuss various aspects of relationships.  Well, we wanted to get the perspective of a different generation, so we asked Nicole Everett, Crew Member and a Generation Y, (that means she is a 20-something), member to offer up some advice this week.  To listen to our discussion, tune into the latest episode of our Pets Teach Us So Much Podcast.


Finding Love for Pet Lovers (Photo:

Finding Love for Pet Lovers (Photo:

Finding Love for Pet Lovers

Single and Ready To Mingle…but you must love my pet too!

There used to be a time when cell phones didn’t exist, when dating was prominently led by accidently bumping into someone, or by having a mutual friend introduce one person to the other, or when there was that rare Romeo and Juliet/Notebook experience (one day!).

Though stories such as these may still be common (and still in my opinion the most romantic), dating is more so initiated by groups and the internet today.

The great thing about these forms of dating? You can get specific. Ever go on a date, sit down with someone, and want to get right back up? What if you knew about one’s values and interests before you physically met them?

After experiencing a few up and downs in life personally, I know I have a lot of great qualities to offer, and there are a few factors that make a difference for me when it comes to relationships. I believe everyone has them, at least to an extent. Who wants to settle, or be “stuck” with someone they don’t mesh with?

So, what if you’re a pet lover and want to share the same type of affection and likes with someone that feels the same way about their pet? There’s a possibility that your future mate may be allergic, or they’re “just not that into” animals. I know for me, my cat is party of my family. I cannot imagine having to give her up for someone.

There are websites such as and that are specifically designed for single pet lovers. There they can create their own profiles, have chats, and proceed from there.

There are also groups for Animal lovers that have the same concept as speed dating. You show up, have a certain amount of time to converse (normally 7-10 minutes), and the perk? You get to bring your pet on your speed dating adventure. Maybe he or she could give you a sign such as bark or meow if they prefer you’d move on to the next! But in all seriousness, at the end of the event, people who are mutually interested in one another are given the other’s contact information to get in touch and hopefully meet for a real date.

I also found that there is a well-known Matchmaker for Pet Lovers, already featured on TTPC.TV, Sheryl Matthys. Not only does she obtain a degree in psychology and is a certified pet trainer, but she’s the author of Leashes and Lovers, and encourages people to find the right mate for individuals passionate about their furry (or furless) friend.

Regardless of HOW you’ve met, or will meet someone that is meant to share the rest of your life with you, in the long run it’s about being happy. Have standards for yourself-there’s absolutely nothing wrong that. If someone or something is a priority in your life, whether it’s your dad, or your dog, it matters.  If I meet someone that doesn’t agree with my cat, then she and I will just have to take our paws, and move on. It’s about what kind of effort one puts in to exploring your options, and luckily today, there are several ways to do so.


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