Feeling Pain? Lick your wounds and heal.

On episode 80 of our animal radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, we discussed ways to improve you life when you are hurting either mentally or physically.  Here is a synopsis of the discussion.  Here more on episode 80.



Feeling Pain-Lick your wounds and heal.

So often our feelings, psyches and bodies are hurt, intentionally and unintentionally.  Someone may say something that we find offensive during a meeting or at dinner.  We may injure ourselves unintentionally being weekend warriors running at the dog park or climbing a ladder one rung too high.

Most of us smile through the pain and tell others everything is OK, when actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  We don’t allow ourselves time to heal, mentally or physically and we push through the pain.  While that may be admirable in some cases, it’s OK to say, “I can’t do it.”

What do our pets do when they are cut or suffering from irritation?  They lick their wounds and rest.  Perhaps we need to slow our pace down a bit and take a cue from them.  When we are sick, it’s OK to stay home, not infect those around us and get ourselves well.  You don’t want to get a secondary infection by not taking care of the first one.

Today’s society so often dictates that we keep going and put on a happy face.  It’s OK not to attend a family event if too many people are there who will wear you out.  Don’t be a victim.  Don’t let yourself be bullied.  Don’t be unhappy.  You might find that a little distance can do wonders for increasing the happiness factor among friends and family when things get challenging.

So take the time you need to heal and don’t feel pressured to attend events or do things that leaving you feeling more drained in the long run.  Lick your wounds when you need to.  Stay home with a cup of hot cocoa until your sore throat passes and you feel better.

Don’t let the world wear you down.  Take time to heal.  You are your most important asset.

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