Fast facts about microchipping your pet

The size of a pet microchip compared to a grain of rice.

A microchip in a cat

A microchip implanted in a cat.

Thinking about microchipping your pet?  We gathered some pros and cons for you to consider as you venture into this endeavor.


-Microchips don’t need batteries and are biocompatible with your pet.

-If you pet loses his ID, he will still have his implanted chip.

– The cost is between 30-50 dollars with a database registration fee.


-There are at least 14 manufacturers of chips and there is not a universal system for chip detection.

-Not all animal rescue agencies or vets have chip readers and they may need several types of chip readers to detect your pet’s particular brand.

-There are several different registries for chip and pet identification information.


This is a personal decision obviously but some may say do everything you can to protect your pet.  We ran a story about a cat that was returned 5 years after the Katrina disaster.  Certainly the proof and stories of miraculous returns speak for themselves.

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