Everett & Everett PTUSM Radio Show #25, Pet Psychic Cynthia Segal

Hood rats are raving in the mosh pit they are so excited about our guest this week.  Buckle up!

Cynthia Segal, Pet Psychic

Cynthia Segal, Pet Psychic

This week, Pet Psychic Cynthia Segal joins our show. Jump into the chat room and we might take your question about your pet!

Plus BlogPaws update with Yvonne DiVita.

And tons of mayhem and hilarity! Celebrity pet gossip and animal news from around the world.

Click this link to listen to the show live or jump into the chat room.  Listen on demand or download to iTunes.

About Cynthia Segal;

Cynthia Segal is an amazingly accurate and truly gifted Internationally Recognized Intuitive Consultant advising clients, their businesses, families and pets, around the globe. Cynthia is a clear and loving voice for our animal family both present and passed.
She is renown for delivering positive and detailed readings with honesty, integrity and compassion through personal sessions by phone or email.
Cynthia is featured and acknowledged in many books written by her clients and the Award Winning Inspirational Documentary “Real People, Real Shifts”.
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