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Buzz Miller

Buzz Miller

This week, we are so excited to welcome back one of our favorite guests.  Buzz Miller from PACT for animals joins us to fill us in on the latest.  We are BIG fans of Buzzy!  Why?  Well read the info below about Buzz and PACT from their website:

PACT’s focus is on expanding human-companion animal bond activities by:

  1. Supporting deployed military personnel by providing foster care for their pets
  2. Supporting hospital patients by providing foster homes for their pets
  3. Educating children about companion animal issues
  4. Inspiring and informing humans about local and national companion animal issues
  5. Providing additional supplies for shelters through donations and collections
  6. Finding permanent homes through animal adoption and foster programs

About the Founder

Melvin (Buzz) Miller, founder and president of PACT, was a successful practicing attorney for 35 years. As President of Melvin B. Miller, Ltd., he specialized in business transactions involving real estate, tax, corporate, securities and partnership law. Miller has maintained an AV rating in both business law and real estate law with Martindale Hubbell for 25 years. He has represented a variety of clients including major developers and builders, real estate organizations, investment groups and a chain of nursing homes. Further, along with partners, Miller developed over $100 million in real estate transactions and holdings and founded numerous business concepts.

In 2003, Miller walked away from his successful law practice in order to commit himself fully to helping companion animals and their owners. He spent several years providing pro bono services to many animal welfare organizations in the Delaware Valley. He has lectured at The University of Pennsylvania on animal law matters, assisted on legal matters to numerous animal organizations and helped in many fundraising activities. Miller has assisted numerous veterinarians and animal organizations in the Delaware Valley in rescuing, counseling and adopting animals.

In 2007, Miller opened Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow (BBWM) in Narberth, Pennsylvania which is a unique pet retail supermarket and companion animal education center. BBWM’s experienced employees are well-educated about the merchandise they enthusiastically sell and are equally as focused when it comes to the rescue and adoption of companion animals.

In 2010, Miller decided that a separate and distinct non-profit organization needed to be formed that would operate within strategic goals to help animals in need while involving the community. The answer was PACT.

Plus we will get an update on the Monmouth County Dog Walk and Pet Fair.

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