Everett and Everett, Pets Teach Us So Much #30 Robin A. F. Olson, Covered in Cat Hair

Robin Olsen

Robin Olson

We just love our bloggy friends, so we are kicking off the first of our blog reports tonight!

Oh my cat! MOL!

Covered in Cat Hair

Covered in Cat Hair

We have a kitty-rific show planned for you! Robin A. F. Olson from the fabulous blog Covered in Cat Hair (www.coveredincathair.com) is joining us tonight for a blog report.  She is going to give us the scoop on her blog, rescue group and more!

Plus we have Yvonne DiVita with a “Countdown to BlogPaws” update…yes friends, only 5 weeks away!

And we have World Pet News and Celebrity Pet Gossip.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

Meet you back here on Thursday at 6:30 PM EST, to jump into the chat room (www.blogtalkradio.com/tppctv ) and be a part of the show.

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