Dressing up pigs helps patients in Germany

Fashionable Piggies (Photo: cute-pets.net)

Fashionable Piggies (Photo: cute-pets.net)

Reuters ran a story out of German about a therapist who is helping his patients by encouraging them to interact with his pet pigs.  It’s rather interesting.  Another case of animals helping people in need.  His patients groom, dress and interact with the pet pigs.  Some patients are a little fearful of the pets, but the fear is all part of the therapy.

(Reuters) – Residents of senior homes here are often skeptical when Daan Vermeulen walks through the door with his pig grunting by his side.

But, the physiotherapist tells Reuters, such apprehension is necessary for his work to be successful.

Vermeulen practices an odd form of physical therapy — he lets senior citizens and children with emotional and behavioral problems feed, groom and dress up pigs as a way of making uninterested patients more receptive to therapy.

The pigs are not always welcomed at first by patients, which Vermeulen takes as a good sign.

“Fear is good at times,” the Dutchman said. “I think whoever begins with a fear of animals has the possibility to develop and eventually be able to feed or groom the animal without angst. That would be enormous progress.”

Vermeulen has two pigs he uses for therapy.

For more info, click the Reuters link above.



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