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Dog Training Tips (

Dog Training Tips (

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just wake up one morning, and our puppies were self-taught to our liking? Way easier said than done. Training is a must. As dog owners, especially new ones, training may seem like a hassle; but it can surely be turned into a positive that will benefit you in the long run.

So… Where exactly does one start? First things first: Think about what is most convenient for you. Just as there are different ways of training your body- either with a personal trainer for an hour, working out at the gym unaccompanied, or following a workout video three times a week, there are different ways to train dogs.

If your schedule is anything like mine, where you only have a few hours to yourself (and when I say to yourself, those hours normally consist of errands after work, housework or simply just getting an hour to spare) then training classes may be the best bet. Such classes have a variety of methods -anywhere from instructing your pet while at day care, or dropping your furry friend off for an hour a day, once a week. Not only can these companies train puppies at beginner levels, but dogs as well in advanced levels.  Another option that has become popular, if in ones means, involves a professional trainer coming to the house and coaching your pup. Talk about convenient!

If you’re able to manage time into your schedule, there’s no harm in going back to the basics, as it seems to be the most personable of the options. says that if you’re able to take 15 minutes out of your day, twice a week, you’re golden. The action/reward system has worked for decades. A friend of mine is in the process of training her dog. Every time she tells the pup to lie down, and she does it, she’s then given praise and a treat. When she doesn’t follow through, she repeats herself until the action is achieved, and then follows with the reward.

Another key in giving direction, is your tone of voice.  If you use a high-pitched tone, you’re enabling him or her to play. Using a deeper sound will help them realize that you mean business, as they relate it to the mother’s authority.

It doesn’t hurt to explore your options, as there is one for everyone’s life -style nowadays. Even a computer enthusiast such as myself, can watch interactive step-by step videos online on Dog Training.  Ya can’t beat that! Whatever decision you choose, realize that you’ll be making progress from where you were when you first started.

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  1. For any dog training to work, you first have to win over your dogs mind. You accomplish this by being the pack leader. This is where your dog looks to you to make all of decisions for them. Also, always use some kind of motivation. Try to discover what your dog likes to do, either exercise or playing.

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