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Fernando "Fern" Comacho

Fernando “Fern” Comacho

Joe and I feel so strongly about the fact that their are no bad dogs, only bad owners.  So many dogs end up in shelters or worse because people don’t spend the time it takes to properly train their dog and they just give up.  Surrendering the dog with the attitude of it’s someone else’s problem now has to stop and that’s why we are so thrilled to be airing professional Dog Trainer Fernando Comacho’s podcast, The Great Dog Adventure on  Fern will give listeners training tips and useful information for dog owners to put into practice in their everyday lives.

Fern graduated from Seton Hall University and the Animal Behavior College.  He considers himself an open minded Dog Trainer and uses a combination of positive training methods to get great results.  He has authored tow books, A Better Life With Your Dog, a book about dog behavior and Dog Spelled Backwards, a novel inspired by his pit bull, Hayley.

Fern is a seasoned professional who not only trains dogs, but gives back and helps pets through his FernDog Rescue Foundation.

In addition, he is a dad to twin girls and states he, “Spends his time away from dogs playing dress up and learning about Princesses”.

Please join us in welcoming Fernando Comacho’s Great Dog Adventure to Radio.  Read more about Fern.  Fern’s podcast will air weekly on


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